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In April 2000 I went to Clacton with Emma, our daughter, to see my parents. My father was in Clacton Hospital following a fall, although did not seem too badly injured as a result of that. The strokes he had suffered were, obviously, taking even more of a toll.

Emma, my mother and I spent some time with my father. During our visit I saw Lorelei and Cathy standing on either of the chair in which he was sitting. They said they would stay with him after we left.

A few days later, I mentioned the above to Lene Foot, while in conversation with her at the Emsworth Haven Healers' Group, saying, "The Girls said that would stay with him". Lene can accept such matters so easily that she simply commented along the lines of, "Oh, they can flit backwards and forwards whenever they like", which is, of course, perfectly true.

I had grown so used to such matters and having Lorelei and Cathy with me so often that referring to the pair of them as "The Girls" came as naturally to me as if they had a physical presence.
Not long afterwards my father moved into a care home near not near my parents’ house.

At the beginning of May 2000, about eight o’clock on a Tuesday morning, we had a 'phone call from my mother to say that my father had suffered a massive heart attack and that he was in Colchester Hospital. He had been taken there by ambulance from the Care Home.

A friend was taking my mother to the Hospital. Other relatives, Mark and his wife, Jane, were going directly there. I set off for Colchester that morning.

While driving up the A3, just north of Guildford, I had an image in front of the car, to my right, of an Airman. I hoped that it was not an indication that my father had already passed over and I would not be too late. I was not; I arrived at Colchester Hospital in the afternoon to join my mother, martin and Alison in my father’s room.


We stayed until late in the afternoon and then went back to my parent's house in Clacton for the night. Mark and Jane travelled to Clacton in their car, my mother came with me. On the way to Clacton my mother said that, the previous weekend, my father had told her he had been talking to her parents during the previous two weeks, and to Bill, his late brother. My father had got on particularly well with my maternal grandparents.

My reaction was to think, “Oh, the decision has already been made”.
I voiced what I thought, saying to my mother, something like, “It sounds as if the decision has already been made. It’s above us, out of our hands.” She readily agreed, seeming to have already come to the same conclusion.

As matters transpired, my father had suffered a massive, final stroke, rather than a heart attack.
We visited him in hospital each day until the Friday. It was a very difficult time for everyone involved. All of our emotions and actions had to run their course according to what was best for each person concerned. My mother, Mark and Jane, derived some comfort from holding my father's hand. I did as well but was happiest, or as close as one can be in such circumstances, sitting a little away from the bed, closing my eyes and being with him in a non-physical way, effectively meditating among other things. Those experiences were pleasant, very pleasant considering the circumstances, and, in a sense, I enjoyed them, I was linked at a level beyond just the physical.

Quite late on the Friday afternoon, while Mark and my mother were over by the window, holding my fathers hands, Mark asked if I wanted to take his place next to our father. I assured him that I was all right as I was, repeating that I was when he asked again if I wanted to take his place and hold dad’s hand.

Instead, I placed my hands on my father's shoulder and closed my eyes. That was when I saw, at the head of the bed, my maternal grandmother, slightly to the left; my father's Guardian Angel at his head, ten, to the right, in order, my grandfather, late Uncle Ted (my mother’s late brother) and Uncle Bill (my father’s late brother). At the foot of the bed, just in front of Jane, were Lorelei and Cathy. In that moment I heard, very distinctly, a voice say, “Our young Airman will soon be free”. (My father and mother met when they were both in the Royal Air Force, during the Second World War, and he had a great regard for the Air Force.)

I was far from surprised. From what my mother had told me on the first day, and feeling my father's aura gradually lessen over the days; his passing was simply a matter of when. Besides, a couple of days previously, while I was holding my father's hand, I had been told, “The spirit is being aligned”, i.e. in preparation for departure.

The Hospital ‘phoned about midnight to tell us that my father had passed a few minutes before. That did not make for a good night, though we eventually managed to get some sleep.

The following morning I was in the bathroom shaving and using the facilities for other things you do in a bathroom. While myself sitting down I realised I was not the only one doing so as my father was on the bath chair lift, at least he was if I accepted my senses, which I have found from experience, it is best to do. The circumstances were such that it fitted with the family sense of humour in a way. We had a very brief conversation. I do not remember what was said, I was probably not meant to; it was simply a mater of reassurance and part of my learning, my experiences.

After Death Experiences

Some time later, when I was back in Havant, I went to St Faith's Church on one of my frequent visits. I had only been sitting in my usual place for a few seconds when I felt strong energies and someone immediately to my left. He had black hair and was wearing a white shirt with a black tie and a grey striped suit with a double vented jacket. It was my father as he would have appeared in his thirties.

Naturally, I was pleased to see him again. I was to do so again before, during and after my mother’s passing in 2004 and afterwards.