Richard's Psychic Realm

What is Psychic?


The term "psychic" simply refers to the ability to access matters that are at a higher level than the usually accepted physical world. Some regard psychic matters as mentally connected, others an outpouring of the brain. It simply refers to what happens at the mind level which is between the spiritual and the physical. None of this can be understood simply from the physical world level, or the mainstream science level, physical or otherwise.

Be wary, very wary, of definitions and explanations, or at least attempted ones, by those without experience and who are somewhat lacking in knowledge, at least direct knowledge. This particularly applies to those who call themselves sceptics and to those of narrow religious belief and understanding.

Above all it is real, in fact more real than the physical world. Also, it has nothing to do with demons as some would have others believe.

A psychic person is simply someone who is not restricted to physical world senses, or at least the senses as defined and understood by the physical world.

Everyone has those abilities; it is part of our natural being, our real being. For some of us it is appropriate to be aware of them at a particular stage in a given lifetime, for others it is not.