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As you will gather from My Other Web Sites, if you have already visited them, Lorelei is my discarnate Soulmates and also a Healer.

However, there is even more to her than that.

My Lorelei is the Lorelei, as of German Legend, the River Rhine, the Nibelungen, the Rhine Legends that led to Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle Operas, etc.

The Legend of Lorelei within Germany is very different to the way the Legend is seen, interpreted, outside Germany; as I discovered in a long conversation with Dr Jur Bernd Atenstaedt Deputy Director General of the German British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, London. Dr Atenstaedt and I were talking about Lorelei as if she was a mutual acquaintance, which, in most respects she was, is, for half an hour until or time ran our, rather than someone very special to both of us for completely different reasons.

It was Dr Atenstaedt who first made the link between business and the story of Lorelei and I, or at least confirmed it as far as i was concerned, saying that our story would help, contribute to, tourism in Britain and Germany. that was before the River Rhine was made a UNESCO Tourism Heritage Site in 2002, though the River Rhine has always been part of "The Grand Tour of Europe" as conducted, experienced, written about by Lord Byron, Mark Twain and others.

My meeting with Dr Atenstaedt was organised by the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire chamber of Commerce. i have since become a Member of the East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce which is affiliated to the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber.

Lorelei is a continuing presence in this lifetime since she made herself known in 1992, invariably joins me during healing sessions along with Cathy, my Guardian Angel.
Neither Lorelei nor Cathy are quite as obviously prominent as in 1990s, especially during the early years of that decade, though still frequently present, as they were last year when my mother was in Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

As this Web Site has become an important one, especially in terms of numbers of visitors, I will expand this and other pages as soon as I can. Meanwhile more can be found out about Lorelei, at least from my, our, point of view, on My Other Web Sites.