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Although there is a great deal more about me on My Other Web Sites, brief details of my background are as follows:

I am a Chartered Engineer (Professional Engineer in North American terminology, I believe) who also happens to be a Healer, has a range of psychic abilities (though not as great as some people I have met) as well as having a discarnate Soulmate and Fellow Healer, Lorelei. I am also a Member the Scientific and Medical Network.

What makes my non-physical side different, unique, is that my Lorelei is the Lorelei, the person behind the German Legend, of the Rhine, the Nibelungen, connections with the Richard Wagner Operas and Legends and so on. However, Lorelei as I and my Healer colleagues, know she is nothing like the Legend. At least she is not like the Legend as seen from outside Germany; as it is perceived from within Germany there is a likeness.

I live in Havant, Hampshire, England. There is more about Havant, Hampshire, UK, on the Havant Page of my Journaling Web Site.

Only a few of the residents of Havant know they have a discarnate Legend as a part time resident; far more people outside Havant and Hampshire generally, even Britain as a whole, are aware, mostly your fellow Web Surfers.

This Web Site is intended to be more wide ranging than many of my other Web Sites, though the subject area is so large that it cannot hope to be comprehensive. This will take time and I have been concentrating on some of my other Web Sites. However, for reasons I cannot explain at present, the “hits” on this Web Site increased more than tenfold in mid-March 2005 and has suddenly become my most prominent Web Site, mainly as a result of numerous visits each hour from North American Internet users, though many from elsewhere as well.

You can find out far more about me and the circumstances in which I find myself by visiting My Other Web Sites. Particularly my Journaling Web Site, my Web Log, on which I am still trying to catch up, and my Original Web Site. I have also built a new introductory Web Site (, to which I will be arranging Links from other Web Sites which are not among my own.

In view of our value to Tourism and the existing situation, I particularly invite you to visit Lorelei and Tourism, and Richard’s Journal, in which I am likely to find it more difficult to keep abreast of events, particularly as so much is happening, but it is important, certainly will be, from the point of view of archived information (especially letters and E-mails) in due course.


As explained on my Psychic Engineer Web Site I have an unusual combination of a strong technical background with my non-physical aspect. There are not many people with a foot so firmly in both worlds; we are quite rare, very rare. I am entirely comfortable with both my non-physical side, aspect, and my engineering, physical science side. You cannot “see the join between the two” because there is not one; they are both one and the same, different aspects of the same reality. However, it should be noted that there is Physical Reality, in which you are reading this, and Real Reality, that which really is rather than the construct which most of those in it tend to suppose is real; the physical worlds are very real, while you are in them, but not otherwise.