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Barbara Ford-Hammond
"Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Your Past and Future" (Mirage Publishing)





Barbara Ford-HammondBarbara Ford-Hammond is a hypnotist, hypnotherapist, regression therapist, who is based in Newton Valence (, Hampshire, U.K., and also describes herself as a muse and witch.

Barbara has written a book, “Past Life Tourism – Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future”, in which Lorelei and I appear, along with Sylvie Lucas  and Richard Lucas, Richard being Sylvie’s discarnate (spirit) husband.

“Past life Tourism” is published by Mirage Publishing.

Barbara’s second book was accepted before the publication date of “Past Life Tourism”, 25th September 2007, though it had been on pre-order around the world since early August; the pre-order sales of “Past Life Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your Past and FutureTourism” must have been very significant for a positive decision on the second book to have been made that quickly.

I first met Barbara in 2005.

A television company was making a series on predicting the future and one of the programmes involved future life progression. they expressed an interest in filming some progressions with me and I suggested Andrea Foulkes, the television regressionist, to help me progress to future lives but, while initially interested, Andrea was unable to be available on the day of the recording. The television company suggested Barbara who had done other recordings for them, though I only found out about that much later. Unfortunately, my recording was not used, nor the others Barbara made, but that is the way these things go sometimes.

However, I got on very well with Barbara and, presumably, she with me in view of the friendship that developed. perhaps that is partly due to our similar, somewhat "off the wall" senses of humour; Lorelei's humour also being much the same. although, of course, we have strong mutual interests in esoteric and non-physical matters.

Initially, Barbara and I kept loosely in touch, until, in 2006, Barbara invited me to contribute to her then proposed book, "Past Life Tourism". We made arrangements for me to go to Barbara's house, in Newton Valence, for the regression, in early December 2006.

While Lorelei was with me at a Havant Healers' Group meeting, in late November, she said, "Caroline was the Countess in the 1700s". As recounted elsewhere, apart from the local Chambers of Commerce, I had to travel outside of Hampshire for business advice and support. the initial involvement with Business Link Sussex led, eventually, to Caroline; it was a journey that took a long time. Caroline is sufficiently in tune with the esoteric side that when i asked her, regarding the story of Lorelei and I, "Can you handle it?", she replied "Yes, I am an old Soul".

The regression with Barbara was, initially, a little unclear, at least in where it was going. however, it was easy to relax and just let go; Barbara's own confidence in her abilities is fully justified; she is natural and her humour helps.




At one point, early in the proceedings, Barbara asked where all the information was coming from.
Lorelei's response, even though she had not been asked, as such, was,
"The Akasha, of course"
I repeated that for Barbara, adding, to make it clear that it was not my response,
"That was Lorelei".
Barbara, quite content for Lorelei to be present as well, responded, simply,
"I know. I recognise the tone."

Anyway, soon afterwards, it came as more of a pleasant surprise than a shock when I found myself at the Countess's sixty-second birthday party in 1799. I was Marcus Browning, Lorelei was Emma, my wife.

As I wrote in my notes after the regression, E-mailed to Barbara and included in "Past Life Tourism", Lorelei was, mostly, in black and Caroline, mainly in white, both had the air of extremely potent people, Souls, as they were, are, to the extent that what came to mind was two Chess Queens, the most powerful pieces on a chess board.

There was also a connection between the events at the birthday party and what is happening in Havant and Hampshire in the early 21st Century. A little is explained in "Past Life Tourism"; more will become apparent with the publication of "Remembering Lorelei" and the events surrounding that; much more will be explained elsewhere, later.